Pet Registration

Every dog in Switzerland must by law be chipped and registered with the dog database AMICUS ( All dogs need to be registered within 10 days after arrival to Switzerland. To enter Switzerland your dog needs a valid pet passport with all the necessary documents (date of microchip implantation, proof of valid rabies vaccine, possibly health certificate). Do not forget to declare your dog at the first border crossing to Switzerland. 

How to register your dog in Switzerland:  

Step 1: Get your personal pet owner ID-Number at the local "Kreisbüro" (city of Zürich) or at your "Gemeindeverwaltung". 

Contact: Dog inspection of the city of Zurich (Hundekontrolle der Stadt Zürich), +41 44 411 61 92, Schaffhauserstrasse 26, 8006 Zurich, E-Mail:

Step 2: Please contact us +41 44 481 64 64 for an appointment and bring in your dog together with the pet passport and your personal pet owner ID-Number. We will be happy to register your pet on the same day in the AMICUS database. The first pet registration is always mandatory done by a veterinarian.