Our services for you and your pet:

  • Own laboratory (blood analysis, urine and fecal examinations, cytology and skin samples for parasitological investigations, fungal cultures etc).
  • Digital X-ray.
  • Inhalation anesthetic apparatus, including respiratory and pulse rate monitoring and monitoring blood saturation / oxygenation.
  • Dental treatments and US-scaling
  • Routine soft tissue surgery (castrations, skin samples, tumor surgery, injuries ,bladder stones, intestinal obstruction, cesarean section, etc.).
  • In-clinic patient treatments for controls, infusion therapy, etc.
  • Microchip implantation and registration of cats and dogs in ANIS (cats and other pets) and AMICUS (dogs only).
  • Departure formalities and preparation of health certificates (Traveling with animals, insurance  forms and applications).
  • Advice for nutrition and sale of adequate cat and dog diets. We offer a variety of prescription diets in our clinic or online in our store.
  • Inhouse treatment, acupuncture therapy for cats and dogs. For more information please contact us or consult our acupuncture flyer.

General consultation

  • Health check (general clinical examination, possibly combined with blood tests).
  • Parasite control and prophylaxis, information on endo- and ectoparasites.
  • Ear control & ear cleaning.
  • Oral and dental check.
  • Ophthalmological examinations.
  • Dermatological examinations (allergies, parasites and sampling).
  • Lameness investigations.
  • Vaccinations: We recommend the vaccination plan according to SVK guidelines (Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine,, but are happy to work out an individual vaccination scheme that will be adapted to the needs of your pet. 

Pet shop/Food

You want the maximum quality for the benefit of your pet? 

Nutrition is most important to your pets good health for years. Been given a balanced diet through all stages of your pets life can prevent diet-associated diseases and can assist in the management of other diseases.

This is where you benefit from the PetPlus online food shop ( The pet food trade established 2017 by Swiss veterinarians who have joined together for the advantage of their clients. We promise you competent, quick and cheap ordering and delivery of the most optimal food for your four-legged friend directly to your home. On demand, delivery of the food is also possible to our clinic or to any address you specify.

Payment possibilities direct in the online-shop or by collecting preordered food even at our practice. 

We are a proud member of PetPlus for you and happily explain you the simple purchase procedure. 


We accompany you on the path of decision making and stay with the last difficult gait at your side. We organize the cremation or the removal after your imaginations. Whenever possible, we schedule euthanasia at off-peak times to keep you at peace to say goodbye to your beloved pet.