Emergency (+41 44 481 64 64)

Please report any emergency to us by telephone.

This allows our staff to assess your pets condition, prepare for your arrival and provide prompt medical attention to you and your pet. If necessary, a direct referral to an emergency specialist clinic can be arranged and valuable time might be saved.

The phone number of a competent emergency service off our regular opening hours (weekends, public holidays, nighttime) will be provided by calling our home number +41 44 481 64 64.

What to do in an emergency: KEEP CALM EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS DIFFICULT. 

Protect yourself and your pet; in the event of pain, defensive movements are to be expected, possibly put on a muzzle/snout band. Carefully place cats in transport box with a cloth/blanket.

If possible, transport the animal in a breast position. Possibly raise your head slightly to make breathing easier. Or in the position that causes the least stress for the animal. 

Cover larger injuries with a clean cloth. 

If there is major bleeding, try to stop it by covering it or tying off limbs. 

In the event of poisoning (Toxikologisches Center Zürich, www.toxinfo.ch, emergency telephone number 145) try to take a smaller sample with packaging.