May 2024

Packing List for Holidays with Pets:
We have created this "comprehensive" list to help you pack everything you need for an stress-free and relaxing vacation with your beloved four-legged friends. Check out our packing list under "Info - Holidays with your Pets" and make sure you and your pet are fully prepared. We wish you a wonderful trip and relaxing holidays in 2024!

April 2024

New service at our clinic - digital Dental X-Ray: Our professional dental care for small animals includes not only tartar removal under anesthesia but also a comprehensive examination with the creation of dental X-rays. Invisible damage such as damaged roots, resorptive lesions – particularly common in cats – or broken teeth can cause severe pain in your pets. Take advantage of this advanced service to optimally support your pet's dental health.

March 2024

Team Expansion 2024: We are pleased to welcome new competent members to our team :
Ms. Chantal Egle, certified veterinary practice assistant (TPA EFZ)
Ms. Magali Curty, certified veterinary practice assistant (TPA EFZ) 
Ms. Annika Bratt and Ms. Selina Stöhr, interns and veterinary students from the Animal Hospital/University of Zurich
A warm welcome and many thanks for the professional collaboration and great support of our team during our daily practice operations.

August 2023

For health reasons, Vettech Lara Zurbriggen (Eberhart) has to take it easy until the end of her pregnancy and she will take a undetermined maternity leave after the birth of her first child, so that she can devote herself entirely to her family. Dear Lara and family, we wish you all the best, good luck and good health for the upcoming family time and for your future together. The team of Kleintierpraxis Kreis 2

Welcome back - we are pleased to welcome Vettech Chiara Angelillo back in our competent team for you and your pet. A year ago, Miss Angelillo successfully completed the TPA EFZ apprenticeship in our practice and then devoted herself to further school education with a vocational baccalaureate degree. She represents Miss Lara Zurbriggen's maternity leave and will actively support our team. Dear Chiara, we are pleased to have you back in our team.

May 2023

DVM Tanja Künzle has to take it easy until the end of her pregnancy and will take a 6-month maternity leave after the birth of her second child, so that she can devote herself entirely to her family. Dear Tanja and family, we wish you all the best, good luck and good health for the upcoming family time and look forward to your return as a competent veterinarian for small animals and valued colleague to our team and our practice in January 2024.

We are pleased to welcome DVM Imogen Carpenter, small animal veterinarian, new to our team starting April. Ms. Carpenter originates from Great Britain, studied in Scotland and acquired her specialist knowledge and practical experience in modern veterinary medicine in various small animal clinics around England. She will replace DVM Tanja Künzle’s maternity leave until the end of this year and will continue to support our team afterwards as well. In addition to English, Ms. Carpenter also speaks German and is currently learning Swiss German. Thank you very much for placing your trust in her as well.

August 2022 - Wir freuen uns, Aliya Keiser ab dem 22. August 2022 neu in unserem Praxisteam begrüssen zu dürfen. Aliya wird bereits als zweite Lernende in der Kleintierpraxis Kreis 2 ihre dreijährige Lehre zur tiermedizinische Praxisassistentin mit eidgenössischem Fähigkeitszeugnis TPA EFZ beginnen. Die anspruchsvolle Berufslehre besteht aus einem Ausbildungsgang in einem offiziell anerkannten Lehrbetrieb und wird durch Lektionen an der Berufsschule ergänzt.
Liebe Aliya, wir wünschen Dir viel Erfolg, interessante, spannende und lehrreiche Erfahrungen in unserer Praxis mit Besitzern und ihren tierischen Patienten.


To help you overcome all the informations and administration to enter Switzerland with your cat or dog, we have created this short list.
1. Application form (imbedded on the following website: needs to be filled out and sent to 
2. The cantonal veterinary service, here of Zürich (, will contact you and advise you. Your pets need to be seen by a veterinarian and meanwhile be in quarantine. Meaning, cats have to be kept strictly indoor, dogs remain on a short leash and are not allowed direct contact with other animals or humans than the owners. This is for the time of quarantine at least.
3. You are asked to make an appointment with a veterinary clinic, controls for microchips, registration, rabies vaccinations or rabies antibody titers will be performed, according to the information of the cantonal vet service.
4. Registration and rabies titration are offered by the examiner laboratories and most veterinarians will give you a discount for the treatments.

We wish you and your families with pets a safe stay and pray for freedom in Ukraine.

Sincerely, your team of Kleintierpraxis Kreis 2

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