Service Offer

Our Service for You and Your Pet

  • Complete In-House Laboratory: We provide immediate results for blood chemistry, hematological tests, and urine analysis to promptly initiate customized treatments on-site, saving valuable time. We also conduct internal examinations of fecal and urine samples, cytology, and skin samples for parasitological tests.
  • External Laboratory: For specialized and advanced diagnostics, we collaborate with a renowned external lab that offers daily sample collection to quickly deliver results to you.
  • Modern Digital X-Ray Unit (including Dental X-Ray): Provides precise and detailed real-time images, enabling immediate diagnosis to support the best possible treatment for your pet. Official screening radiographs for HD/ED (evaluated by the HD Commission of the Zurich Animal Hospital). An external radiology specialist is available for second opinions or to assess complex cases.
  • Anesthesia: Equipped with inhalation anesthesia devices, including monitoring of respiratory and pulse rates, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, ECG, and body temperature during anesthesia.
  • Digital Dental X-Ray, Dental Treatments, and Tartar Removal: Our new, state-of-the-art digital dental X-ray device and specialized dental unit allow for precise pre-examinations and tailored care for your pets' dental diseases.
  • Lameness Examinations: Preventive screenings and pain management for chronic patients.
  • Routine Soft Tissue Surgery (neutering, skin biopsies, tumor surgeries, injuries, bladder stones, cesarean sections, etc.).
  • Wound Care and management.
  • Patient Hospitalization for monitoring, infusion therapy, various diagnostic examinations, and treatment procedures. 
  • Microchip Implantation and Registration for cats and dogs with Anis/Amicus.
  • Travel Documentation and Health Certificates (international travel with animals, insurance purposes).
  • Dietary Consultation and Sales of prescription diet food for cats and dogs.
  • Online Pet Food Shop PetPlus ( - An online platform of established veterinary clinics. We are connected with PetPlus and will gladly explain the simple purchasing process (including home delivery or to our clinic).
  • Acupuncture Treatments for cats and dogs in our clinic. For more information, please contact us or refer to our acupuncture flyer.

General Consultation

  • Health Checks: Include a clinical general examination, optionally expandable with blood tests, blood pressure measurements, depending on your pet's health condition.
  • Parasite Control and Prophylaxis: Consultation and treatment for endo- and ectoparasites.
  • Ear Checks and Cleanings: Careful examination and cleaning of your pet’s ears.
  • Ophthalmoscopic Examinations: Comprehensive eye examinations including intraocular pressure measurements.
  • Dermatological Examinations: Diagnosis and treatment of skin issues, including allergies, parasitic infections, and sample collection.
  • Lameness Examinations: Specialized diagnostics to identify the causes of mobility issues.
  • Vaccinations: According to the guidelines of the Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine ( We also develop personalized vaccination schedules tailored to your pet's specific needs.


We support you in making this difficult decision and stay by your side for the final journey. We organize the cremation or removal according to your wishes. Whenever possible, we schedule euthanasias during quieter times to allow you a peaceful farewell to your beloved pet.

Home Visits

Unfortunately, we can only offer home visits upon special request and if they can be accommodated within our regular clinic schedule. In emergencies, we can refer you to veterinarians who offer house calls. Please consider that handling, special examinations, and minor procedures are safer and easier to perform in the clinic.