Our team at your side...

We offer optimal medical, competent and compassionate care with commitment, experience, empathy and heart for you and your pets. We are happy to be your contact for the health and medical care of your pets.

We are at your side and advise you in all phases of life that you will go through with your beloved pet. Starting with the exchange of information and discussions before purchasing an animal, through advice on husbandry and nutrition issues, individual vaccination recommendations and travel prophylaxis, medical examinations and information on further diagnostics/referrals to well-known specialists, as well as personal therapy tailored to the individual needs of the owner and their animals, to help and advice in making decisions regarding the accompanied farewell of your beloved animal.

The principle of our Kleintierpraxis Kreis 2 is that we treat every animal entrusted to us with the same respect and the same care and provide professional medical care as if it were our own.

The well-being of your animal and your satisfaction are our top priority. We also take into account that not every solution is the best for all owners and animals and we try to weigh your needs and expectations against the prospects of illness and the latest medical possibilities.

We look forward to getting to know you and your animals personally and to the trust you have placed in us.

Sincerely, Your team of the Kleintierpraxis Kreis 2.